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 The Triangular Moving Average (TMA).

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PostSubject: The Triangular Moving Average (TMA).   Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:20 pm

A TMA (Triangular Moving Average) is similar to other moving averages in that it shows the mean price over a specified number of previous prices. However, the triangular moving average differs from most moving averages in that it is double smoothed (i.e. it is averaged twice). A line chart is a good choice when displaying a triangular moving average.

The Triangular Moving Average is an average that is weighted with weights that rise from the most recent sample towards the farthest sample. So in effect the weighting function is a triangle that moves as the moving average moves.

The TMA smoothens a data series, which is very important in a volatile market as it helps to identify significant trends more easily. In addition, the TMA can be used to monitor a number of different inputs such as volume, price or other technical indicators. Its primary use, however, is to track price.

More about Triangular Moving Average >>>
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The Triangular Moving Average (TMA).
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